What Our Families Are Saying!


If you would like to share your own experience with our classes, please send us a note!

We have so enjoyed all of our semesters in Music Together® with you - attending first with Joshua, and now with Ellie! Thank you for giving us this special hour every week, when we can spend time singing and dancing, and enjoying each other. I have particularly fond memories of "free movement" songs, just being able to take 3 minutes out of a busy day to cuddle my babies! We appreciate all of the time and energy you devote to class. Please know that you have given us some of our favorite times together of all of our activities!


It's important for me to experience special, memorable moments with Elizabeth - and for our family, music is a priority, and sharing music creates incredibly bonding moments between us. And although we have many, many beautiful moments in our own home, I love the feeling of sharing these special, personal moments with other families.

I also want to tell you, that yesterday, Elizabeth was playing with her toy horses, and out of the blue she started singing to them, "Sail, Baby, Sail." She hadn't heard that song since our class at the senior center - I guess it stuck with her! I sang it tonight to her at bedtime and she fell asleep before I finished singing the second time through. What a beautiful song!


I would just like to write a quick note about how much we're enjoying Kathy's class. The last classes especially when Kathy mixed things up with the A and D note xylophone playing and a fun group 'round' singing and always a new free-dance song to learn. We feel very fortunate to be in her class!


I just want you to know how much we enjoy the class.  Sophia LOVES you (as do we, of course:)!  She pretends to be "Miss Catherine" and says "Be my echo."  We must listen to those CDs 3-5 times a day (and we do a lot of repeats!)  You are such a wonderfully positive role model in her life and we're so thrilled to spend Mondays with you!  Just wanted you to know how very much you are appreciated!


Thank you so much, Catherine! You and the class mean so much to Noah. He truly loves it more than anything else.


I have to tell you that his experiences with Music Together have been amazing.  Liam's love of music is definitely related to being in Music Together. He has started singing the songs more on his own and still has favorites from the older collections.  I love hearing him in his crib in the mornings or when he's finishing up lunch and I'm in the kitchen cleaning, when he doesn't think I can hear him, and he starts to sing one of the songs randomly out of nowhere.  Half the time, I don't even know what he's picked up until he's trying to entertain himself.  It really has been one of the things from his childhood that I know I will treasure.


I can't even begin to tell you how much Music Together has influenced Liam in his daily life, from his interest in instruments to his never-ending singing and turning on of our CD player to listen to music and dance. Just this past Thursday, my mother who watches him while I work told me how he handed out instruments to her and my father and asked them to come in the living room where he played the piano and they had a concert together, each of them playing their own instruments! We often participate in marching bands throughout our house and he is in the process of teaching my mom the "Goodbye Song."


Henry and I are really enjoying our weekly time with you! And music is always around at home. He has started to assemble his tambourines and drums into a drum kit that he plays like a real drum set. Can you smell a Christmas gift? I know I can! Thank you!