Music Together® Online Membership Details and Policies

Your Music Together Online Family Membership includes:

  • One 30-minute interactive virtual class via Zoom every week for 10 weeks with your beloved teacher which you choose during registration.
  • Unlimited drop-in classes in any of our Zoom classes. Sign-up is easy and automated through the Family Portal on our website and login info is immediately sent to you in an email confirmation.
  • Our staff will lead weekly 15-minute live streams on Facebook in a new private group exclusively for enrolled Fall families.
  • Live streams will be saved in the private Facebook group as well as in the Family Portal on our website so you can watch them at your convenience and still access them even if you are not on Facebook.
  • Additional videos including musical craft and game ideas, lullabies, parent education topics and more.
  • Downloadable family resources (coloring pages, worksheets, musical games for the whole family, etc.)
  • Your Bongos song collection (Kangaroo for Rhythm Kids) materials including a beautifully illustrated songbook, CD and digital access code to unlock and download the music through the free Hello Everybody app or the online Family Music Zone. We will hold a special materials curbside pick-up for the families enrolled in Music Together Online this Fall.
  • An open invitation for your adult relatives (grandparents, etc.) to join you in your Zoom class any and all weeks so they can participate along with you and your child, even from a different home! They are also welcome to join our private Facebook group for enrolled Fall families.

Class Policies

Music Together Online and Screen Time

We know screen time isn’t generally recommended for this age group, but here’s the difference: YOU! When children stare at a screen and passively receive information, they don't absorb it in the same way – nor do they learn in the same way – as when they have the active participation of a parent or caregiver. So, just like in our classes, you’re still the most important part. Your teacher will be on the screen, but it is truly the interaction you have with your child that is going to continue their musical development. In fact, this interaction is so essential that it is not even necessary for your baby, toddler or young child to even look at the screen! Let us be your model and your child will be delighted by the playful musical connection you are creating together.

Also, please remember: babies, toddlers and young children do not generally sit still! We don’t expect them to do so in class, so please don’t expect them to at home. You just keep making music with the teacher, follow along, and have faith your child is developing the disposition to be a music-maker because of your musical role-modeling, even if they move about the room!

Your Role

One of the reasons the Music Together program is so effective is because of its approach to nurturing each child’s musical development through the powerful connection they have to their most important role-models – YOU! When you demonstrate that you are engaged in our class activities, your child will follow your lead. However, when you disengage with the activity, the connection between you and your child is disrupted and he/she no longer has the gift of your attention and important role-modeling. Preserve this precious time in your week and the quality of the experience for your child and each and every family.

Cell Phones
Just as in our in-person classes, we ask you to please refrain from using your cell phone during class. It is disruptive to your child's learning and detracts from the positive feel of our class community. We understand if you have an unavoidable emergency, but the goal is to be distraction-free for this precious time together with your child.

Class Login Procedure

You will receive an enrollment confirmation before the session starts with the secure login information to join your Zoom class each week. Our teachers will be there ready to greet you 10 minutes before the class start time. This is a wonderful time for you and your family to connect and catch up with your teacher and friends! We will begin class promptly at the class start time. Please do your very best to log in before we start singing "Hello!"

Grandparents and Other Adult Relatives Welcome

Your adult relatives in other areas are invited to join you and your family for class any and all weeks of our Fall session of Music Together Online! Simply email us the name(s) of the people who will be joining you remotely and you may send them the Zoom login information for your class.

Make-Ups and Unlimted Drop-Ins

If you need to miss a class or you wish to take advantage of our invitation for your family to drop into any additional Zoom classes during the week, log into the Family Portal and schedule a Zoom drop-in class. You will receive an automatic email confirmation with the Zoom login info. 

At-Home Instruments 

In the "Welcome to Fall" email your family will receive, we will outline what instruments and supplies your family can gather for your Music Together Online experience together this Fall. Homemade instruments and household items make beautiful music and we will also include links to online retailers where you can purchase additional items if you so choose.

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