Musical Parenting for Babies (0-9 months)

Lexi Wickman
Zoom (location info)
Saturday, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
01/09/21 - 02/27/21 (8 weeks)


Musical Parenting for Babies (up to 9 months) is a guided online experience with a highly trained early childhood music specialist in which you will learn essential and heart-warming ways to bring music-making into your everyday life with your baby and what research says about how this supports his/her overall growth and development while deepening family bonds. Be part of a close-knit virtual community of fellow parents/caregivers of infants and build a network to have in place once the weather warms and we emerge from the pandemic! This class is a fulfilling activity that you and the other parents/caregivers in your family can share in together with your baby and the perfect antidote to Winter isolation. Let us bring inspiration, connection and joy to your days with your baby throughout the cold Winter months! 

When you enroll, you will receive a professionally recorded CD, a beautifully illustrated songbook including a unique digital access code to download the music through our Hello Everybody app, and a Music Together® Babies Family Guide.  You’ll also receive an invitation to our private Facebook group exclusively for families enrolled in our program with bonus at-home activities and inspiration to keep the music-making going throughout your week.

Read more about what's included in your family's membership and our class policies.


Upcoming Meetings
01/16/21    11:30 AM Saturday 01/16/21 11:30 AM
01/23/21    11:30 AM Saturday 01/23/21 11:30 AM
01/30/21    11:30 AM Saturday 01/30/21 11:30 AM
02/06/21    11:30 AM Saturday 02/06/21 11:30 AM
02/13/21    11:30 AM Saturday 02/13/21 11:30 AM
02/20/21    11:30 AM Saturday 02/20/21 11:30 AM
02/27/21    11:30 AM Saturday 02/27/21 11:30 AM