Music Together® Outside (birth to 5)

Catherine Denmead
Flagg Road UCC (Front Lawn) (location map)
Friday, 10:40 AM - 11:25 AM
03/19/21 - 05/28/21 (10 weeks)


Our families love Music Together Outside! This beloved mixed-age parent/caregiver + child class setting is one that a child can attend all the way from birth to Kindergarten, rotating through all nine of our beautifully published song collections along with three special compilations during the summer. This highly engaging class follows the recommendations of child development researchers – that grouping children of a variety of ages fosters natural, family-style learning. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones; older children learn by leading younger ones; and adults are happy because all the young children in their family can go to class together and richly benefit from the experience. Each child participates at their own level, together with their grown-ups, singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, or exploring musical instruments.

When you enroll, you will receive a professionally recorded CD and beautifully illustrated songbook, including a unique digital access code to download the music of the current session through our Hello Everybody app. You’ll also receive an invitation to our private Facebook group exclusively for families enrolled in our program with bonus at-home activities and inspiration to keep the music-making going throughout your week.

Any adults – parents, grandparents, caregivers – can participate with your child (two adults max per family). We look forward to welcoming you to this important and memorable family music-making experience!

Read more about what's included in your family's membership and our class policies.

Upcoming Meetings
03/19/21    10:40 AM Friday 03/19/21 10:40 AM
03/26/21    10:40 AM Friday 03/26/21 10:40 AM
04/02/21    10:40 AM Friday 04/02/21 10:40 AM
04/09/21    10:40 AM Friday 04/09/21 10:40 AM
04/16/21    <None> Friday (April Break (no classes)) 04/16/21
(April Break (no classes))
04/23/21    10:40 AM Friday 04/23/21 10:40 AM
04/30/21    10:40 AM Friday 04/30/21 10:40 AM
05/07/21    10:40 AM Friday 05/07/21 10:40 AM
05/14/21    10:40 AM Friday 05/14/21 10:40 AM
05/21/21    10:40 AM Friday 05/21/21 10:40 AM
05/28/21    10:40 AM Friday 05/28/21 10:40 AM