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Interactive Video Interface:
Enjoy class from your own home!

Zoom is an online video platform, and is more interactive than any other interface we’ve experienced so far. Instead of going to your class once a week, your class will come to you, via your computer, tablet or phone. You'll be able to see your teacher and you'll all be able to see each other! It's most fun when everyone can see each other, but if you need to make yourself invisible, you will be able to turn off/on your own camera if needed. We'll start class with everyone being able to hear each other and once class begins, all attendees will be muted except the teacher (minus the times when you or your child have something to share or we do a special activity where everyone contributes something!) so you need not worry about everyone hearing your household noises! Class sizes will be limited to preserve the intimate quality of Music Together®.

Once you register for a weekly Zoom class as part of our Music Together Online program, you will receive a confirmation email with directions on how to join your weekly Zoom class. Just a reminder, while it will be very fun to get to know each other in our weekly class groups with consistent participation together, we offer unlimited drop-in Zoom classes as part of Music Together Online so if you can't make it to your weekly class, you can jump into an alternate class (or two, or three, or...) very easily. All details and instructions will be outlined in a comprehensive Welcome Email sent to all enrolled families before the session begins. 

We can't wait to see you!